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The Diggity Dog Difference

What we DO and What we DON’T Do

    As we all know, every business is different in the way they conduct their business. It’s not to say one way is better or worse than another. It’s just what an individual feels most comfortable with when doing business with an institution. At Diggity Dog Daycare, we believe in a family atmosphere with not only the dogs but our dog owners and clients too. With that comes a certain transparency and openness that creates a special bond among us all.
    This information is our way of letting you know about how we conduct our business as opposed to perhaps other dog daycares in not only our area but other regions around the state and country. Here are some samples.

We DO NOT: Diggity Dog Daycare does NOT utilize bark collars or citronella spray collars in an effort to control barking. We feel very uncomfortable with that use. Our opinion is that our daycare is much like a playground. We can and will contain over stimulated excitement, but we also realize this is THEIR playground. If you’ve ever seen a playground that is quiet, you’re looking at an empty playground.

We DO: At Diggity Dog Daycare, we are happy to let you see where your dog will be. We’re happy to give you a tour. Our feeling is that you likely would not leave your child at a facility if you could not see where they will be kept. I wouldn’t. Stop by and we’ll gladly show you our facility including the play arena, the Ukiah Napping Den, the Stormy Spa and of course Wisconsin’s Biggest outdoor play yard. “ Obviously for safety and insurance reasons, you won’t be “with” the dogs but you will be able see where they will be.

We DO: At Diggity Dog Daycare, customer service is not simply a corporate slogan, it’s our nature. You’ll always be greeted with a smile, a thank you, some friendly banter and maybe some good natured ribbing too. We are a small personal business and not a corporation. We run this with that in mind. Our clients are also our friends. Your questions, concerns and input are ALWAYS welcome.

We DO: The Diggity Dog Daycare facility is cleaned and sanitized on a daily basis. Nough said.

We DO: We are staffed with multiple individuals with dog experience. The dogs are personally monitored through out the day.

We DO NOT: We DO NOT put dogs in crates for 1-2 hours or more during the day so the humans can get a break. At Diggity Dog Daycare, we feel you are paying us to let your dog burn off tons of energy so you don’t have to deal with that when you come home from a busy day. Some dogs need to take a break and some are crazy play dogs. We can deal with both. We have plenty of sofas in the play room to take a break on. The Ukiah Napping Den is a separate room with sofas so they can nap if they’d like. It’s NOT about what’s convenient for us, it’s All About The Dogs.

We DO: The NEW Diggity Dog Daycare now has the Biggest outdoor play yard of any dog daycare in WISCONSIN!!! For cleanliness and safety, it also features the use of field turf. Yeah…, this is the stuff you see on NFL football stadiums. Some daycares use cement or pea gravel. That can cause problems with paws or possibly injuries. Field turf is soft and it’s easy to maintain. It’s easy on the paws and joints for hard play. It is easy to clean, has SUPER drainage and your dog won’t get dirty or muddy.
We strongly believe the ability for dogs to enjoy an outdoor experience in an essential part of the dog daycare experience. They love the fresh air, smell, sun bathing and of course the play and swimming in the kiddie pools. “

We DO: Diggity Dog Daycare has a separate room for napping and chillin’ out. The Ukiah Napping Den has human sofas that they can lay on, nap, take a break from the action or sometimes just be lazy.

We DO: Should a dog become bratty, mischievous or break rules of proper play or social behavior, we do have a Time Out crate in a separate room that they can be put in so they can chill out and take the edge off their excitement level. They will put in here for a short time and for no more than 20 minutes. Often, this is enough for them to simmer down.

We DO NOT: At Diggity Dog Daycare, we do not attempt to cover up any incident that may occur. We view Diggity Dog Daycare as THE DOG’S playground. We supervise them, appropriately control them and if need be discipline them. With that said, dogs are reactionary and don’t think about their actions. Also, since this is a playground, (as very unlikely and rare as it is), there is a possibility of an incident or injury. We will give you a full “Event Report” with details as to the circumstances of the event (whether it’s illness, injury, behavior etc…), how it was handled, the outcome and how the dog responded after the event. Our honesty and integrity are very forthcoming…because it’s the right thing to do!

We DO: Big and small dogs play together at Diggity Dog Daycare. We have the capability to set up separate areas for small dogs should some seem overwhelmed by the activity level of the day. We liken it to us going to a restaurant with 3 tables of basketball players and 3 tables of football players. Will we be scared to eat there because they are bigger? Likely not. We’re all human. They are all dogs. You would be surprised how tough some small dogs are and how gentle the biggest of big dogs are (our Great Danes are a great example). In the entire history of Diggity Dog Daycare, there has NEVER been an incident of a big dog being aggressive or injuring a small dog. NEVER!!

If you have any particular questions for us at Diggity Dog Daycare, please call us at (608) 779-9997.
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