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More About Diggity Dog Daycare

    At Diggity Dog Daycare, it’'s all about the dogs. Diggity Dog Daycare is LaCrosse’s original cageless facility, where family dogs can mingle, play, run, and hang out with other dogs in a safe, clean and supervised setting. Along with getting plenty of exercise and burning off excess energy, your dog will develop social skills that may also aide in helping with other potential home issues.
    Patrick Kucera opened Diggity Dog Daycare in 2006 and also created what is now Onalaska, Wisconsin’s second biggest civic event called the Diggity Dog Dip. This is an annual dog swim party and fundraiser at the Onalaska Aquatic Center. It draws over 300 dogs and nearly 1000 humans every year.
    Safety is of the highest priority at Diggity Dog Daycare. All dogs are tested for behavioral tendencies prior to acceptance to the daycare and MUST be current with their vaccinations for Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. Flea and tick control is highly recommended as well. As a part of your normal dog checkups, we also recommend fecal testing for possible parasites.
    The dogs are supervised and monitored by Diggity Dog Activity Counselors to ensure a fun and safe environment. Dogs that develop aggressive excitement tendencies or disruptive behavior will be sent to “time out” for a period up to 20 minutes. Should they continue to cause discomfort for others, Diggity Dog Daycare reserves the right to dismiss the dog from the facility permanently.
    Your dog will enjoy all the comforts of home, and then some! The NEW Diggity Dog Daycare has the biggest outdoor play yard of any daycare in Wisconsin. The facility has pushin’ 15,000 square feet of dog entertainment area. There is a large indoor play arena as well as the Ukiah Napping Den, where dogs are welcome to nap or hang out on one of our many sofas that are just for them. During appropriate weather our large garage doors can be opened and they can come and go as they please to the outdoor play yard. They can also enjoy a splash or swim in our one of our many pools.

The Owner:
     Patrick Kucera has had a strong passion for animals his whole life. His love of dogs can be seen by his inability to walk past a dog without saying hi or giving it a pet. It’s a natural passion that shines through. He’'s also had some unique wild animal experiences.

Here are Pat’s………     Top 10 Animal Moments:
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