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Diggity Dog Tours


    At Diggity Dog Daycare, we believe in transparency. There are other dog daycares or kennels that (for whatever their reason) do not let you see their full facility or what the dogs are doing. We totally disagree with that thinking. We will gladly give tours to those who want to see the facility. You can see the dogs interact, see how clean we keep the facility and get a full visualization as to where your dog will be staying.
    The New Diggity Dog Daycare is specifically designed to be very transparent with much visibility. There are big windows for viewing into the Napping Den, the Spa, from the reception area into the play arena, from the Napping Den into the play arena, from the play arena to the outdoor play yard and even the garage doors leading from the play arena to the outdoors have windows in them for added visibility.
     We have 6 foot chain link fence surrounding the outdoor play yard (with tension wire at the bottom for security purposes), so people can watch or see the dogs outside. You will be able to see our security features.
    We would not think people would feel very comfortable taking their children to a daycare that would not permit them to see where their kids are or will be during their stay at the daycare. The New Diggity Dog Daycare is designed to help you feel comfortable with that.
    Just call us and let us know you’d like to see the facility and we’ll plan a time convenient for you.
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