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Wisconsin's Largest Outdoor Play Yard

Bungalow boarding

Largest Play Yard

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The New Diggity Dog Daycare now has its own independent location that features Wisconsin’s biggest outdoor play yard. It’s located in a secure, safe and scenic area of French Island that is also extremely convenient. The New Diggity Dog Daycare even offers a doggie valet service with our circle drive up lane.

Dogs have a natural instinct for play and socialization. Diggity Dog Daycare specializes in a fun, social and playful environment for family dogs in a supervised and safe setting. Along with Wisconsin’s biggest outdoor play yard, your dog will even enjoy swimming pools during the spring and summer seasons.

We offer lots of room indoors and outdoors for your dog to play, nap and build their social skills. The New Diggity Dog Daycare is pushin' nearly 15,000 square feet of entertainment area as well as a dedicated Napping Den with lots of sofas to relax on. You won’t feel that sense of guilt for leaving your dog home alone for long periods of time, because at Diggity Dog Daycare they’re simply doing what dogs love to do. Daycare may also help if your dog is having issues at home like separation anxiety, or destructive behavior. Your dog will come home happy and ready for a quiet night at home.

At Diggity Dog Daycare we DO NOT utilize bark collars or citronella collars but your dog WILL get plenty of outdoor time with lots of fresh air and sunshine in our huge outdoor play yard.

You’re always welcome to take a tour and see where your dog will enjoy their day at the New Diggity Dog Daycare. We’re easy to get to on French Island.

LOCATION DIRECTIONS: “Less than 1 minute STRAIGHT North of the I90/French Island exit. Right at Colgan Air on Fishermans Road.”

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